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Holiday Home Casa Barbara Idea born from a simple thinking, we would like to offer you what we look for when we are in Holiday. When we are visiting a new place, we like to smell the local atmosphere, eat local foods, known story and traditions. We like to know local people and listen to their stories, we like to know their culture and to visit places that the standard turist doesn’t visit.
To do that we almost never choose an hotel, but we prefer apartments, farm holidays, Guesthouse, Bed&Breakfast, the more they are “true”, the more we like them.
This way to approach Hospitality it is easy to find abroad, harder in Liguria. So what we are trying to offer you is not only a new and comfortable holiday house but also that hospitality we are looking for when we are in holiday.
In this age Internet become the main channel who all of us use to organize our holidays, on the other hand if you are reading you can’t deny.
It’s not so easy to orient yourself inside the wide web , often what you find on internet is fake and doesn’t represent the real product you are looking for; what you will look for in this simple website are all true, all self made, website, pictures, video and also we have chosen all the furniture and interior ourselves and designed the exterior. Here on the left you can see all of us (some years ago) David, Barbara, Diego and Caterina (obviously we live on the sea and often we spent our holidays on the mountain).

we are waiting to get to know also you! Ciao DAVID, BARBARA, DIEGO e CATERINA


48 anni, matematico, Responsabile Sistemi Informativi.

Nel tempo libero pratico Basket, MTB, Tracking.

Webmaster con Diego di questo sito.



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Nel tempo libero mi piace ballare, camminare, cucinare e ristrutturare.

Anima operativa di Casa Barbara.




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studente al Liceo Scientifico Potenziato

Nel tempo libero pratico Basket, MTB e Informatica




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studente al Liceo Scientifico Potenziato

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