Nice & Clean



We had a nice time in Finale Ligure at Casa Barbara.
It was quite a climb to get up the hill but we managed, of wich we are proud.
The house is nice and clean. The bedroom was OK, as well as the living. The living was big, had a flatscreen and a small kitchen was intergrated. In the living a double bed wich one can simply fold against the wall, apart from eachother. The beds were good!
We had two balconies, one at the back, wich was small and reachable from the bathroom. The main balcony was at the front of the house, a very nice view over the Meditarenian Sea! Oh how we liked that beautifull view.
Two grills in the garden where you can grill your meat and fish or whatever you like. It’s possible to eat your grilled dishes in the garden or at your appartment.
The village is nice although we could find only one supermarket. At the supermarket it was very crowded…
We go certainley back there!


Date: 06/08/2016